Bespoke Financial Planning

Financial planning is about considering all aspects of the client’s finances and how they interact. It might include behavioural coaching and financial wellbeing. Taking this approach promotes good outcomes and reduces potential harm.

We believe Financial Plans add significant value for many clients, cementing your ongoing relationships and building trust. However, they take time to create, because each one is different. For many advisers, outsourcing is a cost-effective solution.

Our approach to Financial Plans

Our Financial Plans are bespoke, based on the individual client and their situation. They might be simple or complex, long-term or short. Our aim is to inform and provide understanding, to help your client see where they stand with their finances and what actions they can take to achieve their goals.

Guiding your client down the right path includes consideration of:

Wants, needs, 
hopes and dreams

Life stage and future plans

Income and expenses

Assets and liabilities

Risks and opportunities

Taxes and allowances

A Financial Plan is the start of the client’s journey, rather than a destination. We can update the plan as necessary, usually in conjunction with a Cashflow Forecast.

Case Study

Holistic financial planning

We were approached by an adviser who wanted to outsource a client’s financial planning to a specialist, who could take the time to dig into the detail. We discussed the client’s situation and drafted a plan which included pension planning, Inheritance Tax and protection. It showed the client how all the pieces linked together as part of a holistic approach. This led to a number of recommendations being made, most of which the client went ahead with.

The Argonaut Approach

We provide outsourced paraplanning services with a strong focus on Consumer Duty from end to end.

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