As well as writing various pieces for the financial services press, we also write the occasional blog.

What makes a Paraplanner a Paraplanner?

If my wife sends me to the shop (as is often the case; I do as I’m told) to get ‘one of those round fruits with the really nice juice, you know, for breakfast’, I might come home with...

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Paraplanners – Adding Value To Your Business

Much has been written about the role of the Paraplanner in recent weeks. Most has been positive, but some not so complimentary. Why do some Financial Advisers see a Paraplanner as a value added service and others see them...

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Paraplanning – Come Join The Gang!

What a difference a few years make! Whilst the financial services industry has never stood still for long, this ever-changing environment has seen the role of the Paraplanner become established, recognised and more importantly, respected. A Paraplanner is now...

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