Financial Discussion Documents

Discussion documents can cover any topic. Each one is different and unique to that specific client.

We like Discussion Documents because they can explain complex aspects of financial planning, using simple and conversational language. They set out ideas and options for your client to think about, before you make any recommendations.

We’ll put together a bespoke report to explain the situation to your client in clear terms. This puts your client in an informed position before you meet again to talk about the best way forward.

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A discussion document might cover anything! A common example is to explain Inheritance Tax planning options, the pros and cons of complex pension planning or to summarise the features of a client’s current plans. The report can draw conclusions and give options for the next stages, so you can get the client’s views before moving on to providing recommendations.

Case Study

Investment Bond options

One of our advisers approached us about their client, who held an offshore Investment Bond with a very significant gain. They were no longer able to manage the money on the current Platform and wanted to set out the client’s options. We wrote a report which explained these for the client to consider, with pros and cons of each, including a summary of the tax treatment. The adviser sent this to the client in advance of their meeting, so they had time to mull over the options and prepare questions.

The Argonaut Approach

We write bespoke discussion documents covering all aspects of financial planning.

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