Product and provider research

We can carry out Whole of Market research into suitable products, providers and investment funds, to help you narrow down the field.

Whilst the decision on what to recommend must always be yours, as the regulated financial adviser, we’ll take away the heavy lifting. We can also help decide if your Centralised Investment Proposition is suitable for a particular client, or whether they would be better off with an alternative approach.

Common research

We can help with the following, and more!

  • For product research, our starting point is to use software to filter product providers, based on criteria relevant to your client.
  • We use Webline for protection and annuity quotes.
  • We use Adviser Asset for pension switching and we have in depth experience of SelectaPension too.
  • We have FE Analytics for investment fund research. Our team includes FE certified paraplanners.

We have our own licences for this software, but can use yours or use other tools if you prefer. We can also help with research for other types of financial product, so if what you need isn’t listed here, please do get in touch.

Case Study

Choosing a new pension

One of our advisers needed to move a client’s pension savings, as they couldn’t stay where they were past age 75. The total investment amount was modest and their needs relatively simple. We felt it was important to keep costs low and that a risk-managed portfolio or similar approach would reduce the need for ongoing advice. We produced research reports which narrowed down the options, which we then discussed with the adviser. We settled on a Personal Pension, off Platform, invested in a risk-appropriate Governed Portfolio.

Need help researching potential products and providers? We’ve got the tools for the job.