Inheritance Tax planning

Clients have a choice about what happens to their money on death, but they might not appreciate that, without action, they’re making a choice to leave their wealth to the taxman.

We love IHT planning – we take on the IHT calculations, including Residence Nil Rate Bands and tapering, gifts still in the estate and protection plans not held in trust.

IHT planning is a journey and often can’t be done in ‘one-hit’, so planning takes place gradually over a period of time, sometimes many years. This is where advisers can really prove their value to clients, and we’re here to support you with this.

We can draft ‘Discussion Documents’  to explain the planning opportunities, with their pros & cons. This puts your client in an informed position, so you can find out how they feel about the options.

The final recommendations might include gifts, investments held directly or in trust, and / or insurance.

Because IHT planning can be very technical and complex, we have various research tools and resources that we use to help. For example, we use Webline for Whole of Life policy quotes, which you can tap into as needed.

IHT planning strategies:

  • Whole of Life policies
  • Trust planning (for example, Loan Trusts and Discounted Gift Trusts)
  • Business Relief
  • Gifting allowances and gifts from regular income.

We help with research, Discussion Documents, Suitability Reports and more.

Case Study

Assessing IHT planning options

An IFA approached us about her client, whose estate had a big IHT liability. We ran some insurance quotes but ruled this out, due to the high cost and the preference to invest.

Their relatively high appetite for risk and capacity for loss led to a recommendation for a diversified portfolio of Business Relief schemes, using a combination of AIM portfolios and ‘capital preservation’ Inheritance Tax Schemes. This allowed the client to get the IHT benefit in a short timeframe, but they could still access the money if it was needed.

The Argonaut Approach

We provide outsourced paraplanning services including Inheritance Tax planning such as trust planning, business relief schemes, gifting and protection. We help with research, discussion documents, suitability reports and more.

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