Outsourced Paraplanners – What are your plans for 2013?

Hello. Are you an outsourced paraplanner? Nice to meet you, so to speak.

So, what are your plans for your business in 2013?

I would like to grow my business. In order to do this, I’m on the hunt for a business partner. Not a capital investor, but another outsourced paraplanning firm with whom we can perhaps work. Let me explain:

  • Working as a number of small independent companies, we are all incurring similar types of costs to run our businesses; marketing, website, SEO, software licences etc. It’s a bit inefficient, isn’t it?
  • We’re probably marketing to the same types of client. Together, with a combined budget, we could do so much more and both benefit from the efficiencies.
  • What about workflow? By working together we can create a scalable and more efficient business, improving the viability and long-term prospects for us both.
  • And your expertise? You’re probably at least diploma qualified, but do you know everything? Maybe we complement each other’s knowledge.
  • Do you want to take on staff but struggle to do this alone, because of a combination of time, experience and cash flow?
  • What if you’re taken out of action for a few weeks through accident or illness? Would your business survive?

I recently read an article in the financial press about an IFA who was looking for co-directors to take his firm forward. This inspired me to ‘go public’ with my search and to say, if the above is something you’ve been thinking too, let’s talk.

Alan Gow
January 2013

Posted in Paraplanning