Argonaut Paraplanning regularly features in the financial services press, including New Model Adviser, FT Adviser, Financial Planner Magazine and other publications. Alan Gow has also penned New Model Adviser’s ‘Above the Parapet’ column, giving views and commentary on the world of paraplanning.

Here are some links to a selection of press articles. Recommended articles are highlighted with bold text below:

IFA Magazine October 2019 (Paraplanning in practice)

PFS Quarterly Magazine Summer 2019 (PFS Purely Paraplanning roadshows)

Professional Paraplanner February 2019 (The year ahead)

Professional Paraplanner August 2018 (Putting Paraplanning on the career choice radar)

Financial Planning Today March 2018 (Inside my business)

Financial Planning Today February 2018 (Our plans for 2018)

Financial Planning Today January 2018 (Predictions for the year ahead)

Professional Paraplanner April 2017 (Powwow Down South 2017 – 5th Event Preview)

Financial Planning Today March 2017 (The Problems with Platforms)

Personal Finance Professional Winter 2016 (The Paraplanning Gap)

Professional Paraplanner November 2016 (Retirement Income Special Report)

Ascentric Inside View September 2016 (Outsourced Paraplanning and Due Diligence)

Financial Planning Today September 2016 (Paraplanning Standards)

Financial Planning Today August 2016 (Paraplanning Standards)

Paraplanners Powwow July 2016 (Due Diligence and Software)

Professional Paraplanner June 2016 (Due Diligence)

Professional Paraplanner June 2016 (Tax Consequences of Switches Units)

Financial Planner June 2016 (Paraplanning Standards)

Financial Planner March 2016 (Platforms Outlook)

Professional Paraplanner February 2016 (Cover Profile)

Adviser Business Review January 2016 (Value of Administrators)

Professional Paraplanner November 2015 (Viewpoint – Pension Tax Relief)

Professional Paraplanner September 2015 (3rd Powwow Down South – Suitability Reports)

Adviser Business Review July 2015 (3rd Powwow Down South – Suitability Report Tips)

Professional Paraplanner July 2015 (3rd Powwow Down South Full Review)

Financial Planner July 2015 (How to Attract New Talent)

Financial Planner July 2015 (3rd Powwow Down South Review)

Financial Planner July 2015 (Impact of Robo-Advice)

Financial Planner June 2015 (Powwow Down South – 3rd Event Preview)

Financial Solutions May / June 2015 (PFS Paraplanner Panel)

Financial Planner March 2015 (Social Media in Financial Services)

Professional Paraplanner March 2015 (Standard Paraplanner Definition)

Professional Paraplanner February 2015 (Pension Freedoms)

Financial Planner December 2014 (My Business: Julie Pipe)

Financial Planner December 2014 (IFP Conference Announcement – Speaker Alan Gow)

Financial Planner November 2014 (Powwow Down South – 2nd Event Preview)

Financial Planner October 2014 (Minimum Qualification for Paraplanners)

FTAdviser October 2014 (Paraplanner Regulation)

Adviser Business Review October 2014 (Using an Outsourced Paraplanning Service)

Financial Planner September 2014 (Powwow Down South – 2nd Event Announced)

Professional Paraplanner September 2014 (Effective Financial Protection: Julie Pipe)

Financial Planner July 2014 (Quarterly Platform Survey)

New Model Adviser June 2014 (Expansion Plans)

New Model Adviser March 2014 (Regulation Watch: Quality of Provider Data)

Financial Planner January 2014 (Impact of RDR)

Financial Planner January 2014 (Powwow Down South Review)

Financial Planner December 2013 (Powwow Down South – Event Preview)

Financial Planner October 2013 (Powwow Down South – Event Announced)

Panacea Adviser October 2013 (Powwow Down South – Event Announced)

Financial Planner September 2013 (Merger Announcement)

FTAdviser September 2013 (Business Models and Outsourcing)

FTAdviser August 2013 (Impact of RDR)