Retirement income planning

Retirement Planning
The questions ‘Will I have enough money in retirement’ and ‘When can I retire?’ are fundamental to many clients. We use a combination of cashflow modelling and research to help clients take the right actions while they’re accumulating wealth. When they retire (or start to slow down) it’s vital to plan and make the most of their wealth. We can help with all aspects of financial planning for retirement, both while saving and in retirement.

How we can help

It’s often possible to structure income from various sources to control the overall rate of tax your client pays on their retirement income. This might involve securing a base level of income with an annuity, and / or flexibly drawing on pension savings, ISAs, Investment Bonds and other products too. We can help put a plan together to provide a balance between the following points:

Products and charges

Security and risk

Tax and allowances

Sustainability and inflation

Anticipated changes and flexibility

If the client’s current pension isn’t up to the job, we can help to choose a suitable alternative provider. You can read about this here

Case Study

Tax efficient retirement income plan

An adviser approached us about a client who had money invested in various products. She had significant wealth and an Inheritance Tax problem. We put together an outline plan showing how she could draw the income she wanted from various tax wrappers, with an overall tax rate of just over 8%. We were able to preserve most of her pension savings so that they could be passed on to her family in the future, free of IHT.

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