The Argonaut approach

Easy to use, award-winning paraplanning support and consultancy, provided with care, diligence and integrity.

Our mission

We help directly authorised Financial Advisers and Planners to provide the highest standard of advice to their clients.

We do this by providing high quality, modern Suitability Reports backed up with watertight research and analysis. Our aim is to help improve and protect people’s finances and be an essential resource for the advisers we work with.

Our values

Diligence and integrity

We behave like we’re regulated and treat each piece of advice as if we’re personally responsible for it. Everything we do is done with diligence and integrity. The quality of our work is paramount to us.

We take care with our research, analysis and report writing, so that we give you and your clients an outstanding experience.

Pride and passion

We’re on a journey of continual improvement. We don’t pretend to know everything, but we know where to find the answers! We also understand the need to adapt to the changing financial landscape.

We don’t fill in the blanks in a template, and 
we’re not order-takers. We offer a high quality, consistent and cost-effective solution. Think of us as part of the foundations of your business.

Our 7 step process

It’s quick and easy to send us a case.

You simply drag and drop the documents into our secure portal, and click the upload button! When we send your Suitability Report and supporting documents to you, you can download the whole lot in one go, to save to your system.


Submit a case using our simple drag and drop portal


We check your files...thoroughly


We confirm receipt


We complete any research and contact you with questions or suggestions


We write the Suitability Report


A different member of our team checks the report


We issue the research and report to you

Are you ready to get started?

The three hats of paraplanning

We think that to be a great paraplanner, you need to wear three hats. This is different to the Three Hats of Financial Planning, which are stages (Life Planning, Financial Planning and Implementation). Instead, the Three Hats of Paraplanning are interchangeable and we switch between them as we go about our work

The Adviser Hat

With my adviser hat on, we ask ‘If the full responsibility for this case was on my shoulders, would this business go ahead as it is?’

This helps us look objectively at the scenario and come up with ideas, which might ultimately help both the client and the adviser. And if our input doesn’t lead to any change, that’s fine, because we’ve been robust in our assessment and we’ve worked as a team to achieve that.

The Compliance Hat

At regular intervals we swap over to our compliance hat.

We wear this hat to check all the necessary ‘boxes are ticked’ and to make sure everything is watertight.

Some compliance rules, like the RU64 stakeholder comparison and arguably some of the MIFID II rules, serve no-one. But for the time being at least, they need to be taken into account.

The Client Hat

This hat helps us consider how we’re communicating with the client, in terms of language, layout, presentation, diagrams etc.

‘If I gave this report to my mum, would she read it? Would she feel overwhelmed by it? Would she understand terms such as ‘crystallised’?’

Without the Client Hat, we might be doing the right thing for the client, but do they really understand how, why and what risks are involved?

You can read more about this approach here

Our reports

We have our own comprehensive suite of Suitability report templates, which we’ve developed in-house. These have been through a rigorous compliance checking process and we continue to enhance them regularly. We strongly recommend that advisers use our templates as this enables us to provide you with an efficient level of service and consistency of advice. But it’s not only the advice that’s important.

Tone of voice

We feel very strongly that reports should be written in the same tone as if we were speaking to someone. Research on two groups of lawyers showed that, from a purely professional point of view, they were seen by clients as more professional when they wrote as they would speak, in a human voice. It’s all about seeing it from the reader’s point of view. The average reading age in the UK is about 9 years old and we’re committed to making sure reports can be understood by anyone, without being overly simplistic.


We left justify our text. Research from the British Dyslexia Association says this is easier for people to read. An estimated:

10% of people are Dyslexic.

6% have Dyscalculia.

3-4% of adults have ADHD.

It’s important to make reports more presentable and accessible for everyone. Left and right justification looks tidier on the page, but that’s not the objective. We also make use of coloured headings and lots of white space, avoiding pages of dense black text.