The benefits of outsourcing your paraplanning

What are the benefits of outsourcing your paraplanning?


1. Access a greater range of experience, especially if your outsourcer employs a number of paraplanners with a variety of qualifications and experience.

2. You needn’t be making a long term commitment – it’s a more flexible arrangement than having staff. There’s no need to make a long term decision based on a couple of interviews and a CV!

3. Save on recruitment costs.

4. Industry commentators note that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hire the required calibre of staff. Outsourcing can be a simple way to sidestep this problem, even if only as a temporary measure.

5. It’s flexible – you have no obligation to pay a full time member of staff when work volumes are low.

6. Got too much work on? An outsourced paraplanner can help you deal with the excess, as the need arises, so you don’t have to let your clients down.

7. Reduce your overheads – no desk space, telephone line, holiday pay, National Insurance or pension contributions to pay.

8. If you’re dealing with a firm, rather than an individual employee, you reduce the risk of ill health or other unexpected absences causing work to cease.

9. Taking some time off? Ask your paraplanner to cover parts of the process you would normally complete yourself, so that work keeps moving even while you’re sunning yourself.

10. Not happy with the arrangement? If you have problems with your chosen provider which you are unable to resolve, it’s easy to change. Whilst we all aim to build long term relationships with our clients, it’s good to have this level of flexibility.