Cashflow Forecasting

Cash flow planning
Cashflow forecasts are at the core of any financial plan. Without them, we can’t tell a client whether they’re on track to retire with the income they want, or whether they can afford to send their kids to private school. It also demonstrates good client outcomes, so you can meet your obligations under consumer duty.

Every cashflow forecast is built around the client’s specific circumstances and objectives. This gives them a clear understanding of their financial position and what they need to do, to meet their goals.

We can help with…

We mainly use CashCalc to build cashflow forecasts, but we’ve used other tools too, including Voyant and MoneyScope. We can usually tackle any cashflow tool, or even use excel spreadsheets.

We can put together suitable assumptions for each client, and these can be updated each year, to keep them realistic and relevant.

Case Study

Cashflow forecasts

The planner asked us to create a cashflow forecast, which showed that their client was likely to have an income shortfall in the early years of their retirement. The model showed how much the client needed to contribute to their pension each month to get back on track. We tailored the client’s Suitability Report (link) around this, including the basic cashflow chart to illustrate the situation. We stress-tested the model to consider different scenarios, and we’ll update it as part of the client’s Annual Review each year.

The Argonaut Approach

We provide outsourced paraplanning services with a strong focus on Consumer Duty from end to end.

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