Trust Planning

Trust Planning
Trust planning can be a particularly complex area of financial advice. It’s not always obvious whether to use a discretionary trust or a bare trust, bespoke or off the shelf trust deeds, personal or professional trustees.

We need to consider the tax implications of trust investments, both at outset and later on. With some existing plans, it’s not always clear whether there’s a trust in place or not. Trustees aren’t always aware of their obligations.

Often, the factfinding and risk profiling is completed on the clients, rather than on the trustees.

There are many potential trip hazards with this type of planning.

We help weigh up the pros and cons and work with you to decide the most appropriate route. We’ll explain the recommendations in simple terms for your clients and any additional trustees.

Planning opportunities with trusts

There are many different types of trust arrangement. We can help with:

  • Inheritance Tax planning
  • Will trusts
  • Loan trusts
  • Discounted Gift Trusts (DGT)
  • Life interest trusts
  • Disabled persons trusts
  • Trusts for minors
  • Protection trusts, including split trusts
  • Deeds of variation

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it covers the trust work we see most often. If you need help with something that’s not listed here, please do get in touch.

We can also recommend firms to help with trust registration, which is required now for most trusts types.

Case Study

An Investment Bond in Trust

An adviser asked for our help with trust planning for her clients, who had a significant amount to invest for the future benefit of their grandchildren. We concluded an Offshore Investment Bond held in a discretionary trust was most appropriate, based on the clients’ objectives and certain assumptions about the beneficiaries’ future needs and circumstances. We researched the options and it was decided that the clients would settle cash into the trust, then the trustees would then invest in the Bond.

Are you looking to outsource any aspect of your trust planning? We can help.