Our pricing options

We work on a retainer with all our clients.

The retainer is a part payment in advance, so you effectively reserve some of our time. This helps us maintain service levels. It also means we get to know you and how you work, helping to make the outsourcing process as efficient as possible.

And if you don’t use all of your retainer in one month, you can carry forward the balance for one month.

The more work we do for you, the more efficient the process becomes. This means that we can offer discounts for higher levels of retainer. Here’s an example. A pension switch case includes:

  • Assessing the pros and cons of the current pension.
  • Running a pension switching analysis.
  • FE Analytics research.
  • Writing your client a clear, concise and beautifully presented suitability report.

Our full fee for this would be £347+VAT, but most clients don’t pay that, because they get a loyalty discount on everything we do for them:



We offer a 10% discount on all work completed.

Typical fee for a pension switch:




We offer a 5% discount on all work completed.

Typical fee for a
pension switch:




This is our minimum level of retainer.

Typical fee for a
pension switch:


We like to complete a case for you, before we ask you to commit to a retainer, to make sure you’re happy with what we do and feel we’re a good fit for your needs. After that, all you need to do is choose the level of retainer you want to pay.

Fair value?

When you outsource your paraplanning to us, you’re getting so much more than a Suitability Report…


quality checking of all reports by a second paraplanner


with a team reduces risk to your business


of mind that we’ve 
got your back


working days typical turnaround time

Fixed fees

know the cost before you outsource the work

Retainer-based discounts

Our clients say…